Computer Hardware Certification

pexels-photo-204611The world today is a digitally empowered one. More than 60% of the world population has a desktop or laptop. As such, computer technicians are required because all technological equipment ran into trouble every once in a while. When the problems are not solved as they are supposed to it always amounts to significant losses, frustrations and sometimes despair when one looses all the data they had stored on their computers. Whether you are a business owner who wants to find a professional who will handle your computers or an individual who wants to know which professionals to trust with your computer hardware, these computer hardware certifications will help you choose the perfect person for the job. Knowing these certifications will also allow a professional computer hardware consultant to get the right certification in the competitive market. These are mush have certifications for any person you are going to trust with your computer.

compTIA (A+, Network+, security+, Linux+)

This is a certificate offered by a non- profit computing technology industry association. This is the perfect certification for professionals who are qualified beyond a single computer brand. If you want a technician with experience in most brands, this is definitely a certificate you want to look for. To get the Basic A+ certification, a technician is required to have over 400 hours of hands on experience. The professional then has to pay $239 for a network+ test that also awards them a certificate. This does not come easy though. Professionals need to sore 720 and above on a scale of 900. The 90 minute security+ test requires a minimum of 750 to get certified. Similar requirements are needed for Linux+. these certificates do not just increase the trust customers have on professionals, they also increase the salaries the professionals receive each month. These certificates however need to be renewed every three years to ensure that the professional has all the needed skills.


This is among the most popular certificates for computer hardware in the market today. The CCNA certificate tests that a professional is able to install and manage medium size networks. This certificate last for three years and required pass marks score on the $250 exam. The CCNA is a prerequisite of the intermediate level Cisco system of ciscothe certifications. The CCNP requires that a professional passes three 2 hour exams. The CCIE certification is seen as the gold standard of these certifications. It requires that one goes through seven tracks and does an exam that costs $1750. To qualify, 8 hours of work in a lab and passing a written test are required.


Apple (ACSP, ACTC)

Apple is a huge brand in the world today. With more and more people getting the apple products,; the company does not want to disappoint its customers by having the be attended to by amateurs. If you are taking your apple system to a technician, ensure that they have these two certificates from apple that give you the assurance that they know what they are doing. ACTC covers the basic support skills and requires at least pass on a written exam.


The Future of Wearable Technology

things-you-can-do-with-wearable-tech-3642-con-768x423-mainThe hype surrounding the wearable technology in the future is justifiable. Judging by the advancement in technology, anything is possible. Who would have pondered about a mere watch being employed for a number of tasks simultaneously? In fact, if you enquired about the future of wearable technology, the answers would be downright appalling. We’ve been treated to unfathomable inventions in the wearable technologies ranging from the Smart Apple Watch to the HoloLens from Microsoft and the Google Lens. The future is tipped to get more intriguing; this is just a tip of the iceberg. If the current technology’s tendency to lean towards getting smaller and faster us anything to by, then it is commonplace that the future wearables will be worn on both the inside and the outside.

According to the input of renowned wearable technology specialists, the future of the wearable technology is bright and here are some of the inventions and products to look forward to:

Earrings have been worn for centuries to complement a person’s beauty but at the turn of the century, they will be deployed to perform this function and much more. They will be specially crafted to monitor a person’s body condition ranging from their blood oxygen levels, body temperatures as well as the heart rate. This will be pretty invaluable in offering vital health statistics. These earrings will overrun the Bluetooth technology which has been on top of its game for quite a while now.

Nike's newest product, the Nike Plus FuelBand, is displayed during a product release announcement on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012 in New York. The wristband provides an athletic measurement of daily physical movement in time, calories and steps that integrates with the iphone and social media networks for sharing. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The wearable technology will be taken a notch higher with the entry of the mood shirts. In this case, Sensors placed in the shirt will be capable of monitoring a person’s physiology and transmitting it to the people around and hence helping them to respond or act appropriately. Furthermore, the shirt may also be used in beaming data to the insurer and hence resulting in being awarded discounts just for being healthy and feeling positive. Lastly, the small devices strategically placed in the shoulders will be used in the provision of screen-free GPS via haptic feedback.


There is also talk about inventing a special brand of shoes that are capable of converting movement into energy which will be used to power the wearable devices as well as the internal sensors. These sensors will be invaluable in helping the heating and cooling of a person’s feet as deemed necessary. They will also be used in tracking any weight changes and exercise therefore helping the person to act accordingly.

A virtual assistant will be incorporated to the normal contact lens and will prove very vital to a person’s life. The assistant is has the capacity of know and understand you better and hence assist in organizing your daily routine. It can analyze tears and comprehend the emotion behind it as well as predict thoughts and therefore avail all you need long before you even know you require it.

Finally, buttons will be specially embedded with GPS technology and this will enable the learning of the individual’s habits as well as track their movements. This will predict your real-time location and predict where you wish to go and avoid getting lost.

Other sensation inventions will include microchips in nail polishes that can enable a number of functions such as keyboard function in virtual screens as well as tracking of movements.

Using Video Marketing to Improve Customer Relations


Video marketing refers to any advertising task that involves the use of video. Each business desires to develop a robust link with its buyers. The ‘personal feel’ frequently goes a long way in creating the trust from the consumers. In the end, this will lead to loyalty, word-of-mouth advertising and far more sales for the company. The lack of physical presence and private interactions make it challenging for on-line corporations to attain precisely the same effect. What is the answer? Video marketing and advertising!

Video marketing offers companies the ability to share advertising messages and product information in an entertaining format. Videos also provide the opportunity to improve customer relations while building brand awareness.

The secret to video marketing success is conducting market research to determine the type and format viewers prefer. Several considerations should be taken into account to ensure videos are appealing to your target market and will retain their attention.

Research reveals the best performing videos fall into 1 of 5 categories which include: sports, news and weather, comedy and entertainment, reality shows, and infomercials. Internet marketers that focus on these categories can improve chances of viewer retention.

Next, Internet marketers will want to understand how their demographic market prefers to view videos. Consumers view videos in a variety of ways. Many visit video websites using a desktop or laptop computer. Others use handheld devices and cell phones.

Industry experts claim mobile phones are quickly moving to the forefront for viewing videos. Therefore, companies should learn how to produce marketing videos that can be viewed easily via small screens.



Another vital consideration is video production. Videos can be used as infomercials, action movies, or product presentations. Determining the type of video can aide in knowing what type of video equipment is required. Digital cameras or camcorders can be sufficient when filming products demonstrations, but an HD camera is better suited when filming action movies.

Nearly every video will need to be edited, spliced together, and background music added. These tasks require video editing software. Most computers include basic editing software that is sufficient for producing slide shows and feature short films. Professional editing software is often required for longer videos or to include music or text captions.

Lastly, most videos require audio edits. When filming live action footage, a noise-cancelling microphone will be helpful and can minimize required editing. It is crucial to eliminate background noise using audio editing software to ensure sound quality and enhance spoken marketing messages.

Videos are circulated by various means. The easiest way to reach the bodies is to publish at a variety of video directories such as Google Videos, Our Media, and YouTube. Take time to research the demographics and types of online videos offered at each directory. It is nonproductive to upload marketing videos at unrelated directories with minimal traffic and low page rank.

Those who have never produced a video might find it beneficial to take a video marketing training course. Doing so can slash the time required to understand the process of video production. Instructors often provide equipment and editing software suggestions to further streamline the production process.

Creating, producing, editing, and publishing online videos is a time-consuming task. It is best to brainstorm with others and develop an action plan. It can be advantageous to work with a video marketing company that understands the unique requirements of online advertising.

People on a tight budget often feel they cannot afford to hire a marketing agency. The truth is, it’s never a good idea to cut corners when marketing your business. Your business reputation can be tarnished when video quality is poor or advertising messages are boring or offensive. Working with trained videographers and Internet advertising professionals can minimize risks and potentially maximize sales.

One option to reduce video production costs is to offer internship programs to local colleges and vocational schools. This provides a win-win to everyone and may also lead to fresh and exciting video marketing campaigns.


Taking the time to produce an effective video marketing strategy is one of the wisest decisions you will make. Your business will see a great response from your catchy and intriguing online videos. Just remember what you have learned from this article, and before long, your business will thrive like never before and success will follow you!

Understanding Consumer Loyalty and Social Media Engagement



Consumer Loyalty and social media engagement concept has revolutionized online marketing due to its interactive trait. To reach out to this emerging generation, most of the leading companies are shifting from traditional product promotion strategies to social media marketing to enhance consumer loyalty.

Social media is a critical tool as it provides a friendly environment that promotes independent interactions that if managed well can lead to a substantial customer base. To achieve much, companies need to employ high-end processes to initiate, monitor and evaluate social media marketing activities so as to achieve much of it.

Some of the strategies that will help realize an active customer loyalty and social media engagement are:

1: Interactive and active social media forums:

Most of the social media networkers tend to participate in engaging and interactive forums. It is, therefore, critical for the online marketers to ensure their forums are always active.

2: Timely responses:

It is important to ensure all the concerns raised by the participants are addressed without any delay. Delayed response will send a negative feedback to the prospective customers.

3: Open Line Communication:

Professional but friendly communication and updates about the new company products or any relevant information.

It is not debatable that the current generation spends much of their time online, and they are more inclined to buy
a product marketed online compared to a traditional market. Hence, it is a smart and far-sighted move to reach out to this viable market target through an interactive social media engagement.

Below are ways that business can use social media to create consumer loyalty;

Customer Service:


Clients can engage with the company using social media, they can ask questions and get real-time answers to their questions. Customers can also give their feedback as pertains to the goods or services they have received from the company. Businesses can use that opportunity to retain customers by acting promptly to their inquiries, thanking them and even giving them information on what is on offer.

Satisfied customers will always come back for more. Therefore, a company has to pay a keen interest in the issues customers are raising.

1. Community Creation

Social media allows businesses to create communities around the brands especially on Facebook and Instagram. In so doing, a tightly knit community can share reviews, comments and share contents.

The ideal way to create a community is through the creation of fan pages and online communities that help fans access certain information that is relevant to them.

A company can make the fan page interesting by creating contests and promotional activities that can only participate by those who are in the specific social network.

Social media is constantly changing, and therefore, there is need to keep on adapting to the changes to make the community relevant to the members.

It is important to invest in digital experts and marketers who have the knowledge of how social media keeps on evolving and thus come up with solutions that are relevant to the fan pages.

2. A Dedicated Team Should Be in Place

Social media should not be overlooked whatsoever because it can make or break a company. As such, it is important to set up a dedicated team that will oversee social media functions. The functions include; answering customer questions correctly and promptly and finally creating a personal touch to the interactions so that the clients could have a sense of belonging.

There are those companies who outsource social interactions to call centers. As much as the option looks more appealing and profitable, it is not ideal for a business that wants to build brand loyalty. Business should bear in mind that the call center handles numerous clients and therefore they may not have an in-depth understanding of your products and services as a dedicated team from the company.

3. Consistency is Key

Customers are lost for choice when it comes to buying decisions because there are competitors all over the internet. If the company concentrates on being consistent on what they are offering, clients are likely to come back for more.

In conclusion, for a company to create consumer loyalty to their brand, they need to engage effectively via social media. The company has to be willing to accept criticism, reviews, and act on feedback that customers give. This will propel their brand to great heights and ensure that the clients make purchases over and over again.


Managing Child Obesity: Parents Role

Life Saving Role Parents Play in Reducing Child Obesity.

Parents are responsible for the health of their children. They are required to help their children maintain a healthy weight through a balanced diet. Children and even adults require a balance of calories, such that whatever they eat should be balanced with their physical activities.


It is difficult to monitor whether children are becoming overweight or not except for the obvious cases. Therefore, the parent’s careful observance of the diet their children take and physical activity as output is key to ensuring a balanced healthy weight that does not interfere with normal growth. When parents have done everything in their knowledge to ensure a balance of diet and activities, but feel that their kids are increasing weight, they should not attempt weight-reduction diet. If this is necessary parents should consult their nutritionist before attempting to manipulate the child’s diet.


Education has always been the primary health intervention. Parents should know the nutritional value of the meals they offer their children. These meals should have an appropriate number of calories. In addition to ensuring that meals have the most appropriate and healthy calories, parents should also assist their children develop healthy eating habits. This can be done through customizing the child’s favorite meals with balanced calories.

How Parents Should Create and Encourage Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Children’s meals should have plenty of vegetables, whole-grain and fruits. These meals should have a limited amount of fat. Low-fat or non-fat dairy products should be encouraged. Parents should choose lean meats, fish, lentils, poultry and beans as main source of proteins. When providing these recommended meals, parents should serve reasonably sized portions. For the above described balanced calories and diet to work better, children should take a lot of water and limited sugar-sweetened beverages. It is important to note that drinking water cannot be substituted with sugar-sweetened drinks or fruit juices.

How Parents Should Remove Calorie-rich temptations

Foods are tempting to children. Treats should not be used in excess, but should be used in moderations. The rule of thumb when serving children any food is avoiding high-fat content and high sugar content. Fruity treats have been superior in preparing treats. They are considered perfect and there is no processed replacement. Example of fruit treats that are rich in calories include a medium-sized apple, a medium-sized banana, a cup of blueberries, a cup of grapes and a cup of carrots, and broccoli among others. A single or a combination of these fruit treats comes with 100 calories and are safe to consume with zero weight threat.

Parents Should Help their Kids Stay Physically Active

Some human life activities are not replaceable; there is no alternative for physical activities. In addition to teaching their kids about the benefits of staying physically active, parents should help them with the practice. The home must develop a culture of kids staying active. Children should know that their family life entail jogging most days of the week. This family culture should be non-negotiable and parents should set a great example. There are many interesting activities that children would readily enjoy like brisk walking, playing a tug of war, jumping rope, playing football, swimming and dancing.

Media is treated as Public Health Challenge

It has been difficult to avoid using TV and computers at home. These machines are part of the life. Unfortunately, they have taken over most of children’s time. Media result in passive and sedentary activities for children. Media has not assisted children in maintaining their healthy weight and parents should be responsible for reducing the amount of TV watching or playing video games. Children can only adhere to their home culture and if this culture is full of TV watching, children will take it.
Parents have a great responsibility for their children’s obesity. They should prevent overweight before it is too late. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages TV watching for children below 2 years and too much TV is discouraged for children under the age of 12. Parents should be responsible for finding fun physical activities for their children and that is what entails good parenting. Obesity has known public health problems among children and adults. Children who move into adulthood with obesity have a high risk of developing irreversible health challenges.


Fun Snapchat Filters – Usage and Instructions

snapchat-icon-small-1920Snapchat enables you to take selfies, upload photos and share with your friends and colleagues. Snapchat has become popular due to its simplicity, flexibility and dynamism. You can pick snaps that you need your friends to see and those ones to keep for yourself. Simply, Snapchat ensures that you take your photo experience to another level.

Apart from taking, sending and sharing photos, Snapchat also allows you to enjoy wonderful features. One of these features is Fun Snapchat Filters. Snapchat filters enable you to customize your photos the way you want other people to view them. Precisely, Fun Snapchat Filters creates fun to your photos. It doesn’t matter whether you want to look old, young, partying or crying, Fun Snapchat Filters will make it possible.

Using Fun Snapchat Filters

Fun Snapchat Filters are relatively new and creative ways of creating selfies. They ensure that you communicate emotions that cannot be achieved by just taking a snap. For you to use this feature, you must be updated with the newest Snapchat version. Old Snapchat version wouldn’t support these filters. Once you are updated to the newest version you can start taking snaps and posting them the way you want them to appear. When taking a photo, you should press and hold your face. Snapchat will momentarily scan the face to establish where the filter should be placed.

Snapchat Filters are of different types. You can choose any of these filters to bring out the feeling and look you desire. For instance, you can choose puking rainbows, an aging filter, a zombie, heart eyes or vampire monister filter, among many others. It is not hard to choose as you only need to scroll through. These filters are placed at the bottom of Snapchat app. So before you take a snap you should choose which one to use.

Things to do to get the best out of Snapchat Filters

1. Update your Snapchat

Ensuring that your Snapchat is of the latest version will make it possible to enjoy the best Snapchat Filters. Remember, the company is updating Fun Snapchat Filters daily. The latest filters may not work on older versions.

2. Change Snapchat to selfie mode

Changing Snapchat to selfie mode will yield great results. This is because filters work by recognizing your face, and then popping effects afterwards. A selfie mode Snapchat will give you all these features instantly.

3. Your phone should be away from your face

Face recognition is what triggers Snapchat filters. Your face wouldn’t be recognized fully when your phone is too close to it. It is important to put your phone away from your face for full recognition. In addition, you will need sufficient light to trigger facial recognition. Finally, you need to check your angle to ensure that your camera is capturing your face well.

4. Hold your face for screening and snapping

Fun Snapchat Filters will scan your face for recognition. You will need to hold your face steady until the process is over. Once you’ve done that you will need to choose a filter, follow its instructions and take a photo. Remember, if you cannot follow instructions, the final result may not be appealing.

Fun Snapchat Filters are a great way of adding hype to your photos. There are a number of filters to choose from and enjoy this service. Remember, you will need to follow the above instructions to get great results.